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Global Chamber® Baltimore/Washington

Global Chamber Baltimore/Washington helps members get business done across metro areas! We are a thriving and collaborating community of CEO's, executives, and professionals growing business across 525 metropolitan areas. We leverage technology and our collective networks around the world to help member companies grow, reduce risk, be more productive, and succeed faster.

We are the only organization in the world with the mission to grow business from anywhere to anywhere while collaborating with every organization. We help companies, investors and business service providers around the world succeed.

Mi Jeong Hibbitts, Executive Director

Mi Jeong Hibbitts is an international business and marketing expert with extensive expertise in the areas of international trade, marketing, advertising, journalism/media, finance, and the US government. Mi Jeong is currently the Executive Director for the Global Chamber® Baltimore/Washington region, an organization that helps members in 525 metro areas worldwide, and growing, bridge new global business opportunities. Mi Jeong is also president of Robert & William, LLC, an international trade and marketing consulting firm located in Maryland where she brings decades of broad working experience in the private and public sectors in the US and overseas. Her services focus on assisting companies engaging in cross border trade between the US and Asia by providing strategic guidance and practical knowhow, including providing leads and contacts related to market entry, development, and expansion strategy. 

Mi Jeong previously served as the Director of International Sales and Marketing with PTC International, Inc., a privately-owned international business and marketing company in the Food and Beverage industry, where she oversaw multimillion-dollar international sales and marketing programs and managed multinational teams and offices. In that role, she helped various products and services of US suppliers in the industry to reach the dynamic markets in Asia, primarily in S. Korea. During her tenure, she led marketing initiatives, new business and development strategies and advised major clients such as Lotte Confectionery and Lotte Foods in S. Korea on US market trends, technology, regulations, and product development. In the public sector, Mi Jeong served in the Broadcasting Board of Governors (BBG), the US Agency for Global Media (USAGM), where she provided high-level Business Management/Administration services, including budget, finance, procurement/acquisition, personnel, and special management projects for the Office of Digital, Design and Innovation (ODDI). She also served as a Congressional Correspondent for the East Asia division of the Voice of America, which is one of 5 broadcasters BBG oversees. During her tenure, Mi Jeong conducted numerous high profile interviews leading to various recognitions and awards. Prior to her public sector service, she was a seasoned marketing and advertising professional and worked for MBC AdCom, an International marketing /advertising company in S.Korea, as an Account Executive handling multimillion-dollar accounts in various industries including automotive, airlines, insurance, cosmetics, etc. She graduated from Ewha Womans University in South Korea with a degree in English Language and Literature and earned an MBA from the University of Hawaii at Manoa under the US Congress funded East West Center Scholarship. She is bilingual in English and Korean and has traveled extensively in Asia. 


Larry Brill, Deputy Director

Principal at Export Trade Consultants and Deputy Director at Global Chamber Baltimore/Washington

Larry works with small and medium sized companies to facilitate their export sales in new global markets. This includes marketing and trade development, analysis of trade barriers and how to overcome such barriers, finding qualified local partners, and developing international trade show programs. His specialties include international marketing and export promotion. Larry is the Deputy Director of the Global Chamber Baltimore/Washington Chapter. Previously he was Director of the Export Expansion Division, Office of Textile and Apparel at the International Trade Administration, part of the U.S. Department of Commerce. He supported U.S. textile and apparel companies expanding in international markets including helping with marketing and logistical support for export related activities.


LeAnn Young, Global Advisor 

LeAnn Young is a specialist in global business development, global marketing, and international trade. She founded and launched Global Chamber Baltimore/Washington.. She has been helping Global Chamber members and sponsors in the Baltimore/Washington region grow their businesses more successfully in the global market, .LeAnn serves on the Advisory Board for Global Chamber Baltimore/Washington.

LeAnn has more than 30 years of combined experience in global business development and international marketing, She has managed international partners on six continents, crafted global marketing strategies and programs for technology companies, facilitated international trade, and launched new products throughout the world.. LeAnn is currently a Senior Global Marketing Manager at Prometric, a global testing and assessment company, headquartered in Baltimore and doing business in 180 countries.  

Education: MBA International Business/Marketing, The American University, Washington, DC;  B.S.Technical Writing and Editing, Carnegie-Mellon University, Pittsburgh, PA