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Devida Pi’ilani Lee Kauhane - Executive Director

Devida, better known as Pi’i, has over 25 years of sales experience in a variety of industries including commercial real estate, banking financial planning, media, membership-based recruiting, network marketing, and entrepreneurial endeavors, she has come to realize my passion identifying, developing and empowering multi-cultural communities. An influencer and advocate, Pi’i is passionate about sharing her insight through her wide-ranging experiences, success and failures, to teach, train, educate, inspire and lead others to their full potential in both business and personal growth. Whether teaching from the stage, the front of a room or one-on-one, Pi’i challenges the status quo by bringing different perspectives to the forefront and always asking "why not?" Encouraging others to dare to be different and dare to be bold will always allow opportunity for change and growth to happen, specifically for the better.



Cynthia Manley

Cynthia L. Manley has several years of experience in small business, building effective and sustainable partnerships, and she is immersed in all aspects of the Hawai’i’s business community. Ms. Manley has served as a business expert for Pacific Business News Leadership Breakfast, recognized as a top business mentor by Pacific Business News, is a frequent newspaper columnist and has been featured in several local magazines, national magazines, and is an award-winning television Producer. Ms. Manley volunteers as President of the Kaneohe Business Group, President of the Civilian Military Counsel for Marine Corps Base Hawaii, is past president of the Kailua Chamber of Commerce and consults with businesses to grow their visibility and connection within their specific community.