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Kathleen Keith, Executive Director

Global Chamber® London

My name is Katie Keith, I manage the strategic partnerships for Equals group, who are a global financial services company. I am also an Executive Coach and Mentor. I am currently studying an MSC at Henley Business School.

I am a British / Australia Citizen, originally from a small colonial town on the outskirts of Sydney, I moved to the UK in 2016 to pursue my dream of working and living abroad.

With almost 20 years’ experience within the Corporate and Retail Banking industry, I have recently transferred my knowledge and experience as the Manager for Strategic Partnerships with Equals.

My focus with Equals is developing and nurturing strategic alliances, affiliate partnerships to promote the Equals brand and business. I am passionate about working on new projects to enhance relationships among business partners, whilst also developing strategies to increase revenue for their companies.

My time working in the corporate sector has predominately been focused on leading various sized teams in banking, with a focus on business growth and change management. Over the years, I have been exposed to various methods of business growth strategies, what I have found to be one of the most effective approaches to growing and expanding your business, is building effective relationships, partnerships and alliances.

For me, every business relies on referrals, no matter what you do, what sector you work in, business referrals are fundamental to acquiring the next best customer or contact in your network.