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Global Chamber Nashville is a a thriving and collaborating community of CEO's, executives, and professionals growing business across 525 worldwide metropolitan areas. We leverage technology and our collective networks around the world to help member companies grow, reduce risk, be more productive, and succeed globally. We are the only organization in the world with the mission to grow business from anywhere to anywhere while collaborating with every organization. We help companies, investors and business service providers around the world succeed.


Amos Smith, Executive Director

An international trade and economic development specialist; Amos’s extensive expertise in global business development and foreign relations, along with his dedication to local and regional business growth, have led him to becoming a leader in the growing international community of Nashville and the Southeastern United States. As Executive Director of the Global Chamber Nashville, Amos is dedicated to promoting cross-border commerce, export growth, and global collaboration.

Amos manages business relations and development with multiple global organizations, specializing in agriculture and energy business, Amos has worked with numerous Fortune 500 companies in the fields of global training, export growth, trade facilitation, international finance, and more. 

Amos is a dedicated advocate of regional economic development, with a strong interest in small business growth, education, rural economic development, and utilizing globalization to help others achieve their professional and personal ambitions. Amos is additionally the Director of Soundhowz Productions, an organization that promotes public interests in areas such as youth art education, restoration of historical theatrical venues, and small town business development.

Education:  Amos holds a Global M.A. in International Relations from Webster University, which included research and residency in: Vienna, Austria, London, England; Geneva, Switzerland; Leiden, Netherlands; and Bangkok, Thailand; with additional research conducted in Brussels, Belgium.  During this time, Amos specialized in U.S. foreign policy, including research at the Royal Institute of International Affairs in London.  Amos additionally holds a B.A. in Political Science from the University of Mississippi, with a focus on Political Philosophy and International Politics.