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Global Chamber® San Jose

Global Chamber San Jose helps members get business done across metro areas!

We are part of a thriving and collaborating community of CEO's, executives, and professionals in 525 metropolitan areas around the world taking on global business. We leverage technology and our own professional network to help companies success faster and more profitably across borders. We work collaboratively with local government agencies and organizations who also focus on helping Costa Rica businesses to "go global" more successfully.  At Global Chamber® San Jose, we help companies eliminate international business mistakes, lower global business risk, and jump into international business more prepared. 

We are the only organization in the world with the mission to grow business from anywhere to anywhere while collaborating with every organization. We help companies, investors and business service providers succeed.


MBA. Noris Mon. Steenstrup, Executive Director

Global Chamber® San Jose

Noris Steenstrup works in the Business field. Currently CEO of B20 Prosperidad Sostenible.

Now with the Global Chamber® San Jose, our team is helping companies and investors find more success across the border. Mrs. Steenstrup manages members and sponsors for Global Chamber® San Jose, plans local Global Chamber events and facilitates global business connections.

Education: MBA, Mrs. Steenstrup is a lawyer. Also she has the Certification as a Facilitator of High Performance Teams by Gerza (Mexico). She has a PHD in Education by the Ibero-American Council for Quality Education, in Panama, Panama. and she is currently in the Biomimicry Certification Process for Corporate and Organizational Biomimicry by Biomimicry Institute Online, Minneapolis.

Boards: CEO/Founder of Creo Agency for Sustainable Economic Development, an open Collaboration Business Unit and president of the NGO Green Consciousness.

Certifications: She has the Certification as a Facilitator of High Performance Teams by Gerza (Mexico). Also worked in Central America as a Facilitator. Mrs. Steenstrup also has a Mentor Certification from the Vital Voices Foundation, NLP Certification by Dr. Richard Bandler Houston,

Serving: Commitment to Sustainability, with spirit of service, conscience communicate, through the Green Consciousness Foundation; helping and giving assistance with programs like Paleui for empower women and girls.

Past Employers: She was Director of Postgraduate Studies in International Cooperation at the Universidad Continental in Central America, where she worked for 8 years in the administrative and academic areas.