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We're pleased to support the success of companies growing from Salt Lake City, and companies landing here as well... to and from 525 metros around the world... everywhere!

Global Chamber Salt Lake City helps our members get business done across metro areas! It takes a village to grow globally, and our global tribe is the available to assist to connect to new clients and opportunities.

Our community of CEO's, executives, and leaders are focused on growth, and we enjoy supporting their success! We leverage technology and our collective networks around the world to help member companies grow, reduce risk, be more productive, and succeed faster.


Thierry Lavigne - Global Advisor (SLC/Utah)

Thierry's father has been a US Executive Expatriate (Schlumberger, Digital Equipment Corp. and Motorola) and was posted in many positions in the Americas and EMEA countries (from Boston to Paris, London, Geneva, …), Consequently he gained a good knowledge of national culture/business and linguistic environments of many countries of the world (school studies in many countries). He is bilingual English/French with a good knowledge and understanding of other European Languages;

Thierry is a US local and global Freelancer in business development from start ups/small businesses to corporations as well as non profits on the sales support side. He has 25 years experience learning as a Ernst and Young consulting legal/business researcher to launching businesses as a handicapped entrepreneur (light Tinnitus ear problem), learning from failures and helping others do get their business going. Thierry is a connector and also helps with writing, research, contacts and more through many local, national and global networks.


Shadman Bashir - Global Advisor (So. Utah)

Shadman is a former Professor of Law and Global Affairs, with focus on International Development/Management, Defense and Warfare, Comparative Laws, Governments and Global issues. He is a published author and speaker on topics including but not limited to Law, Religion, Artificial Intelligence, Business, Globalization, Warfare and Terrorism. Currently, Shadman is the Director of the International Student Services at Dixie State University, responsible for growth, expansion and legal compliance.