Washington/Baltimore Committees


Committees for Members

Global Chamber® Baltimore/Washington has committees to help members connect with new opportunities and to help us collectively achieve our regional mission of helping companies find and capture new opportunities, and grow - across metros and borders.

Joining a committee is a great way to meet fellow members and to gain exposure with some amazing organizations. Please take a look below and find a committee managed by our Advisory Board that most interests you - and then let's get you involved! Contact Mi Jeong Hibbitts.

  1. Foreign Market Entry of a Product or Service

Initial Target: International Cyber Security Products and Services

Tania Eggleston will form a committee focused on program offerings and considerations required from the perspective of offering a particular product or service in a new market. Where is there a market for what is being offered? Where can I enjoy the greatest return (ROI) based on export requirements and expenses? What should they do first? What resources and services are required?

  1. Foreign Market Entry of a Country or Region

Initial areas of focus: Asia; Africa; Caspian Region

Mi Jeong Hibbitts, Demba Ndiaye and Elshan Baloghlanov will develop one or more groups to focus on essentials for global expansion when focusing on a specific region.  We're answering... What products and services are in demand? How is demand now being addressed? What do we offer that will appeal to businesses and consumers in a particular region?

  1. Collaboration Opportunities – e.g. Arab Health 2019

With assistance from Ellen Meinhart, we will explore ways to generate participation in global trade shows among current/future members interested in specific industries or regions and to partner with other organizations and events for the benefit of our members.

  1. Cultural Awareness and Adaptation

Brenda Harrington will establish a committee focused on cross cultural considerations associated with conducting business in new regions and with global partners.

    5. Young Global Professionals Spencer Holmes will bring together of emerging global professionals representing a younger age cohort (35 and under?). Watch for more.