To Export: Connect, Embrace and Commit

Posted by: Global Chamber on Sunday, December 7, 2014

At an exporting seminar this week in Tucson, Victor Gonzalez, Economic Development Manager at nearby City of Sahuarita in Southern Arizona shared three key actions that exporters must take to be successful. I thought they were really good, and so here they are.


1) Connect. This means that you should connect to the right ideas and resources - not only to begin your journey, but stay connected to make sure that it's a long and profitable journey. Too few companies jump in to exporting. Many fewer companies do the right things to connect and stay connected along the way. So in 6 months when there's a bump in the road, they didn't see it coming, and don't have the ability to respond effectively.

Connect and stay connected with clever, global people who have been there and done that, and can assist not only in the beginning, but along the way. When the going gets tough, be prepared! For 10 tips on connecting to people who can help you on your global journey including customers, watch this video from last week.


2) Embrace. Love exporting! Love culture, countries, differences, complexity, food, logistics, marketing, law, accounting... all of the key areas that will support your business success, and give you and your team a little fun along the way. Wrap your arms all around it. You may not like some of these things - like international tax. Yikes. But someone in your world should love it, know it, and keep you on the straight and narrow.

For the global tribe, like me, we love global business because it's more complex, more interesting and ultimately more satisfying in every area, especially economic. For others who have less interest in culture, food and cross-border differences, you should recognize that the journey will have business benefits, and focus there.


3) Commit. Too many of us have had global ideas and because they seemed too scary, too risky and too much for us to tackle, period, we stopped. Sometimes that's a good thing! Your instinct is telling you something, or you're not quite ready. That's a good voice to listen to.

More often though what's missing is the commitment to your idea, your business and your opportunity to grow. It's challenging and daunting to export. But you can do it, and it's something any business can do if you're connected to the right people, you embrace the idea to proceed and you make the commitment. Make that commitment to see in through, and with that, you'll succeed.


Exporting is NOT easy. But it's doable.

Most importantly, the opportunities provided to you and your business from exporting are endless and wonderful!

Say YES! And join the global tribe of leaders who are doing business in more than one country.



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