Wendy on Exporting

Posted by: Global Chamber on Saturday, February 14, 2015

When you listen the exporting video series running now at the Global Chamber Video Room from Wendy Jameson of Colnatec, one thing shines through. Resilience.

What a journey it has been for Colnatec! They have expertise in equipment that measures the thickness of materials used in semiconductors, solar and more. It's a tough space to compete in globally, but Wendy and Colnatec have found a way.

When you hear Wendy tell the stories, you know that they didn't know it all at the beginning. They learned by doing, and they tapped into resources available along the way including support from the U.S. Commercial Service.

Look... exporting is not simple. It requires a higher level of business evolution to manage successful exporting initiatives. Don't try this at home, folks!

What's clear is that more and more executives are getting it, and Wendy provides living proof that companies can jump in and be successful.

Listen to Wendy on Exporting... all 5 videos. Playing now.


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