How (and How Not) to Succeed in Africa

Posted by: Global Chamber on Friday, February 27, 2015

We're pleased to share 9 videos from Melissa Sanderson, Vice President of International Affairs at mining giant Freeport McMoRan, and from Lee Clegg, CEO and founder of Africa Business Portal. In addition Melissa shared her insights this week in a presentation "Mining Export Gold" which went well beyond exports AND Africa. It was great!

Watch the videos as the are issued in the Global Chamber Video Gallery.

We learned a lot in these videos! For instance one of the videos was intended to have Melissa share a business failure and then begin discussing business successes in Africa. But the business failure was so horrific - 44 people died - that we just needed to talk more about it! We saved the successes for another video.

The failure also brought up how to handle labor in Africa, and how North American, European and Asian companies fare on that front in Africa. Lots to consider - and great insights by Melissa in her video series and her presentation.

Lee has created the Africa Business Portal. His first video explains the background and then you'll hear more about Lee's thoughts on how companies can reduce the risk of doing business in Africa, and accelerate success. His years of experience plus the growing team across the continent are a wonderful resource for companies looking to grow there.

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