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Posted by: Global Chamber on Sunday, March 1, 2015

Many of us in the 'global tribe' and who are members of Global Chamber are foodies - enjoying the diverse international cuisine available around the world! It's part of the fun of traveling and being part of the global tribe! And so we're interested in sharing the best restaurants featuring local cuisine for more people to enjoy!

We have already started our 'best of' international restaurant series, with the best international restaurants we know of in each community. An example of the periodic articles we're publishing is shown here from Phoenix, Arizona: Best Restaurant Blog

In the next step, up to 10 restaurants in each of our top 70 metro area regions may apply for a 'think global eat local' sponsorship that gives them additional exposure to regional members, sponsors and the global community. The restaurant must feature an international cuisine - either a particular country or regional approach.

The investment for the Think Global Eat Local Sponsorship is only US$500 per year. Contact your local Global Chamber location, or our headquarters.

Think global, eat local! And enjoy growing globally!

For information about all our sponsorships, visit our Sponsors page.

Here's an overall summary of the investment for each, and links for more info on the benefits...


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