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Posted by: Global Chamber on Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Global Chamber has partnered with the Swedish American Chamber, AIESEC and other organizations to offer your company the opportunity to obtain interns this summer and beyond. Foreign-based college student interns can offer a relatively inexpensive way to support the globalization of your company.

Global Chamber and AIESEC have teamed to offer companies anywhere in the world the ability to have interns from anywhere in the world. One past example is a US company that was interested in expanding in Costa Rica, and they were interested in obtaining three interns - one from 3 different regions of the country. AIESEC was able to find those 3 that fit their requirement, and their internships helped the company with their marketing and sales in those regions.

Click here for more details of the AIESEC collaboration.

Contact us for more information on this internship offering or the ones below - and we can get you in touch with this program and others to support the global growth of your company.

A second intern program is one that Global Chamber and the Swedish American Chamber - in Arizona and Washington, DC - have partnered on to provide Swedish students for U.S.-based companies. As a SACC Arizona/Global Chamber member, your company can utilize the Trainee Program as a tool in developing your international business activities utilizing skilled Swedish University Students in diverse fields. Trainees educated within the highly regarded Swedish educational system bring expertise within their academic field along with an intimate knowledge of the Swedish and European market, language skills and cross-cultural knowledge.

As a J-1 visa sponsor designated by the U.S. Department of State, SACC assists with:

  • J-1 visa service for Swedish employees or business partners coming to the U.S. on training assignments up to 18 months

  • J-1 visa service for U.S. companies which have made an offer of training to an intern/trainee from Sweden

  • Matchmaking between U.S. companies and trainee candidates, followed by our J-1 visa service

A third intern program is administered by Arizona State University (ASU) and the Government of Brazil covering interns that are available from late May through mid-August. They may work anywhere in the U.S. This group of interns more than 300 students enrolled at ASU studying in STEM fields through the Brazil Scientific Mobility Program, sponsored by the government of Brazil. A large percentage of these students are engineering (civil, electrical, chemical, aerospace, etc.), but they are also in other fields such as biological sciences, chemistry, computer science and architecture. 

They may be either paid or unpaid. All visa administration, including work authorization, will be handled by the International Institute of Education in New York.  There is no fee or contract required on your part. These are among Brazil's best and brightest students. Contact Eileen Brill Wagner, BSMP Consultant to ASU at or call her at 602.617.0001.

Accelerate your global growth with interns from Sweden, Brazil and around the world. Contact Global Chamber for more information.


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