Charles Bruce on Mexico and Latin America

Posted by: Global Chamber on Saturday, April 4, 2015

Talk to Charles Bruce for any period of time and you'll quickly hear about some of his passions - marketing, management, Kansas State and Mexico. He's all in on all these... and it's to our benefit, especially if you're looking to grow your business in Latin America. Not sure what to say about the Kansas State passion!

In our next series at the Global Chamber Video Room, Charles Bruce, formerly CEO of Peter Piper Pizza and now CEO of Johnny Rockets Restaurant Group, discusses strategic factors when expanding your company globally and how to have success across borders - particularly in Mexico and Latin America.

You won't find anyone with as much knowledge and passion about Mexico, marketing and growth in restaurant hospitality. Listen to one video and you'll naturally click to the next ones.

These are all full of really wonderful ideas and tips to grow your business. Enjoy!

1. Marketing Impact on Global Growth
2. Success Factors in Mexico

3. Listening to the Customer in Other Countries
4. To Franchise Globally or Not
5. Retail Success Across Borders

More about Charles Bruce here.

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