Solar Impulse 2 Taking Off for US

Posted by: Global Chamber on Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Aviation history is upon us!

Solar Impulse 2 continues on its way around the world, soon to take off from Nanjing to Honolulu on the most dangerous leg... 5 days and nights over the Pacific. Pilot Andre Borschberg will pilot the solar-powered plane, destined for a return trip to Phoenix, Arizona if successful over these next two weeks.

The first window of opportunity to leave China is Saturday... and so departure, Honolulu arrival, and the trip to mainland U.S. are all tentative pending weather.

The Pacific crossing will be the longest flight in history for both distance and time by a solar airplane.

Global Chamber is honored to have been chosen to help host Solar Impulse 2 upon the landing on the mainland. The date will be announced when it is known. Right now we're tentatively planning for Friday, May 29.

Corporate sponsorship of the first-ever, around-the-world solar-powered flight has helped garner the funds and resources to make it possible. When business meets passion and ingenuity, all things are possible!

After 12 years of research, Solar Impulse 2 is about to arrive. Read more here.

More information on the Global Chamber event in coordination with Alisa Jost, Chairman of the Arizona Consular Corps, is HERE.





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