One Tip on Exporting

Posted by: Global Chamber on Sunday, May 24, 2015

Anyone doing marketing the past 20 years can relate to what happened over that time with marketing at many companies. It matured. There is now a greater appreciation for the various aspects of marketing - from marketing research, to product marketing, web marketing, social media, publicity, pricing, et al.

As a marketer I was once asked, "Why are you hiring a web company... we hired you because you're the marketer?"

The same is happening now with global business. Companies used to hire a person to be everything global. Those people tended to control everything especially at the smaller companies. They'd be the 'go to' on everything global, and also do everything.

They've been taught not to seek outside help. It's up to them.

No more. Like marketing, the art of global business demands a higher level of complexity. The old model is finished.

With the Global Chamber we're here to help! Our global team, including members and sponsors, are your 'go to' experts who keep you up to date on the science of growing globally. They have the information and opportunities to help you grow.

Going forward we need better armed facilitators within companies, better access to the best resources and better knowledge, even quicker.

So an old schooler might ask 'Why do I need the Global Chamber?" because they've historically been asked to do everything. Asking for help would be a weakness.

And a young schooler might say, "Everything I need is on the internet", because a lot is. But like marketing you wouldn't go it alone unless you had to because of no budget. You could make it work alone and just wing it, but the results will be sub-optimal.

Why be sub-optimal with global growth? Access and use the best resources! Connect to trusted resources around the world you don't have now.

100% of our speakers - hundreds of them - have said the same thing. "I should have gone into global business sooner, and it took me twice as long to do it, knowing what I know now."

The reason why essentially 100% of companies are sub-optimal in their global growth relates to several factors...

1) Global business, like marketing, has multiple interacting aspects and is not trivial.

2) The world has evolved with marketing to create subject matter experts who can help. The same is true for global business, but the resources are often not used.

3) The issue isn't that information isn't available - it is. The problem is having the experience to make the right decisions every day on a variety of topics.

On this third point, you can actually download an entire (200+ pages) e-book on exporting FOR FREE, created by the U.S. Commercial Service - in its 11th Edition. It's $6 on Amazon in book form. It's all there - plus in articles and other resources online, including here at Global Chamber.

It's all available. But it's how you piece it together in the moment that's the secret, and that's why we're here. Our members and global team have been there, done that. They can access all the right information and guide you to a better growth future.

We feel that over the next 5 years we'll see more companies mature to understand global business is like marketing was 20 years ago, and we'll all just keep getting better and better across borders. Companies will invest more time and money in 'global'.

Our one tip? Be a globie! Interact both in person and online using our proprietary global connection methodologies. Connect to the best resources and opportunities, and grow your business globally faster, better and with less risk.

Join us!


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