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Posted by: Global Chamber on Saturday, May 30, 2015

We're rapidly expanding our mobile and global capabilities at the Global Chamber®, accelerating expansion into more metropolitan areas around the world.

The purpose? Helping our members connect anywhere in the world - with less risk, and more successfully!

To help facilitate connecting through our new mobile application, we're looking leaders for our regional desks help to facilitate business opportunities, bridging borders to increase exporting, importing and investment.


The regions...

  • Africa
  • Asia and Australia ex China
  • China
  • Europe
  • Latin America
  • Middle East
  • North America

Read through the following description, and if you could be a good fit to participate in these regions, let's talk! It's better that each Regional Desk Director reside in the region of interest. Contact our CEO if you're a fit for a regional expert and connector.


The Global Chamber® is looking for leaders in 7 regional areas around the world to work with Global Chamber headquarters and Metro Executive Directors to assist in growing companies and communities internationally. Our Regional Desk Directors are tasked to support our global growth mission, and specifically to…

  • Find and grow the pool of members in Metros without Executive Directors
  • Facilitate discussions to help executives find new opportunities and grow globally
  • Connect members and sponsors with opportunities to grow globally
  • Work with the Global Chamber® and regional locations to share and collaborate
  • Collect and share information from partners on growing business globally
  • Produce and share articles and videos of successful leaders on ‘how to’
  • Communicate cross border opportunities to accelerate engagement and success
  • Support regional global initiatives that move things forward locally and globally
  • Facilitate connections to leaders and resources, helping to accelerate global growth
  • Create and communicate internships, contracts and jobs that tie people to opportunities
  • Collaborate locally and globally with like-minded global leaders and organizations


Our Regional Desk Directors are leaders who are talented, positive, collaborative, accountable and globally-minded. They have a broad and deep understanding of regional business, and are open to connecting both in and out for greater business success.

A Regional Desk Director at the Global Chamber®…

  • Has extensive global business experience, passion and expertise
  • Has a positive, collaborative mindset and appreciates that it takes a village to grow globally
  • Is deeply knowledgeable about his/her specific region, and has an extensive professional network
  • Is responsive with a 24/7 global mind set, always finding new opportunities and connections
  • Is a member of several regional organizations in leadership roles
  • Has strong sales, marketing, business and consultative skills
  • Is interested in travel, food, culture and other global pleasures
  • Is an extravert with a positive personality and excellent communication skills
  • Wants to change the world for the better
  • Is well-organized and can multi-task
  • Is a natural connector and builder
  • Seeks opportunities to have impact locally and globally


If you're more of an expert in one Metro Area, contact Global Chamber about becoming an Executive Director in one of 500 Metros around the world.

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