Hello from an International Trade Mission

Posted by: Cody Broderick on Sunday, June 14, 2015

New... customers, partners, revenue opportunities, high-level networking & relationships, oversea expansion and global business.

If those things sound interesting and you're interested to grow your international success, then you should listen up and learn why you need to take a closer look at joining international trade missions with the delegates, officials and business leaders from your region and travel to a target market.

Hi, my name is Cody Broderick, Founder & CEO of inWhatLanguage.com, and for the past 10 days I have been on a European trade mission with Utah Governor Gary Herbert, his economic development team, the Economic Development Corporation of Utah (EDC-Utah), the World Trade Center Utah, and over 35 other recognized organizations from the state.

Our European destinations have included Holland, Belgium, Germany and France. This was my third trade mission with this team and my experience has been very positive on each. Previously we traveled to Brazil and Mexico. Let me explain why you should take a closer look at international trade missions and what it will do for you and your business.

Let's face it, traveling with the Governor of any state carries weight. The meetings and networking events we attend are strategic and provide some of the best business opportunities you can have. Local business leaders, investors, politicians, and others in the entrepreneurial community attend breakfast, lunches, dinner, and other networking events with an interest to find ways to partner and do business together. We also have opportunities to visit large organizations to get an inside look at how they operate. There is a wealth of information and connections to learn and gain from in all parts of a trade mission.

In a trade mission you will no doubt create many new relationships which can then be nurtured in the coming months and years. Not only will you make relationships in other countries, but you will also build stronger ties with the members of the trade delegation from your region – all of which will no doubt help open additional doors of business opportunities when you return. And it's not all work. The delegation usually tries to schedule some activities to enjoy some of the history and culture in each city.

From world trade centers and U.S. Commercial Service offices, to economic development teams and the great global team at the Global Chamber... there are many opportunities for businesses to leverage in regions around the world. If you haven't been on an international trade mission with the leaders from your area, go on one. Trust me, you'll be glad you did.

Cody Broderick, CEO of inWhatLanguage.com. inWhatLanguage.com is an an expert provider of translation and language technology solutions for documents, websites, software, mobile apps, eLearning, multimedia, and more – all in over 160 languages.


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