Cinco de Global: Grow into Mexico

Posted by: Global Chamber Tucson on Friday, June 19, 2015

A powerful strategic benefit of companies locating in Tucson or along the U.S. border with Mexico is the ability to access talent on both sides of the border - the best of both worlds. An event this week features speakers who explained the resources for regional companies to grow in Mexico and Latin America, from Southern Arizona.

Consul Ricardo Pineda was our generous host, with sponsorship from Tucson Electric Power and Global Chamber Tucson.

For every 3 jobs created in Mexico with new opportunities - including shifting manufacturing from China to Mexico, there is one job created in the U.S.

Collectron has for 47 years been helping companies from all over the world successfully land in Mexico. They've created 450,000 jobs over that time. Maria Elena Rigoli presented information showing the amount of manufacturing between the U.S. and Mexico by state (on both side) - and Sonora actually lags many others in Mexico. However the value proposition is a strong one - we need more companies to know about it.

Don Parkhurst of Airtronics presented their business case of migrating some manufacturing to Mexico quickly - within 6 months - and they were able to keep and grow a key client, protecting and growing jobs in the Tucson area.

Our Speakers:

Keynote: Consul Ricardo Pineda Albarran - Consul of Mexico in Tucson

Maria Elena Rigoli - CEO at Collectron

Don Parkhurst - VP at Airtronics

Isis Isunza - Director of RUG Services, National Law Center

Julio Espinoza - International at Tucson Hispanic Chamber

John Bord - Insights and Innovation at Tucson Electric Power


Thank you Tucson Electric Power (and John Bord) for sponsoring the tables and chairs!

Visit the new Consulate of Mexico in Tucson, 3915 Broadway Boulevard.

Interested to know more?

Go on a trade mission with the Tucson Hispanic Chamber... they happen frequently!

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