Solar Impulse Continues Around the World

Posted by: Global Chamber on Sunday, July 5, 2015

After a delay of several weeks in Nagoya due to an unruly cold front, Solar Impulse 2 took off for Hawaii piloted by Andre Borschberg, and made it! The plane and crew broke multiple records including the longest flight in hours by a single pilot, solar powered or otherwise!

Now after a layover in Hawaii, Solar Impulse 2 will take off for the U.S. mainland... overflying the Pacific and California to reach Arizona's Sky Harbor Airport in Phoenix.

Watch for a Global Chamber Phoenix event in coordination with the Arizona Consular Corps and Alisa Jost, Honorary Consul for Switzerland.

Sign-up for the event once the date and logistics are set in Phoenix - tentatively July 15th, 3-5pm. Find our more and register HERE.

Follow the flight on the website and on twitter. This global adventure is an historic journey around the world for clean energy and the endurance of the human spirit. Use the hashtags #thefutureisclean, #solarimpulse and #SI2.

Follow leg 9 of the around-the-world journey of Solar Impulse 2 at, leg 9.


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