Collaborate to Win

Posted by: Global Chamber on Saturday, August 29, 2015

Global business services are extremely fragmented.

Company leaders seeking global growth have thousands of resource options. But historically there is not a 'one stop shop'.

So which can be trusted to bring the firm to the promised land?

The track record isn't good. With thousands of options and with limited global connections, it often can be a daily roll of the dice. That's risky.

100% of successful leaders who have spoken at Global Chamber events have confirmed that...

1) They should have grown globally sooner, and...

2) They could have done it much faster, with far fewer hiccups along the way.

What's a company leader to do?

We're working on making it easier for you by assembling the global tribe and making trusted global resources, partners and customers more accessible.

We all do business with who we know, like and trust. When we don't, it's risky. So we're leveraging the millions of people that we know to help members connect with more trusted resources to smooth the bumps with growing globally.

Part of our approach is to collaborate with universities, chambers, governments and service providers.

So last week our Global Chamber Executive Director met with University of Utah President Dr. Dave Pershing to discuss additional opportunities to collaborate... even though our Executive Director went to BYU. We look well beyond college rivalries!

And during the same week our CEO/founder Doug Bruhnke met with President Marie-Hellene Glon of the Utah Consular Corps, Board Vice Chairman Jinger LaGuardia of the Salt Lake City Sister Cities Association and Governor Gary Herbert of Utah (pictured, with Doug Bruhnke and Jinger LaGuardia).

And next week is publishing an article by Doug Bruhnke and partnering with Global Chamber on a twitter chat on global business September 3rd. Check twitter for #TradeElite. And the article on the 6 Mistakes CEOs Make Going Global is HERE.

Then in the next few weeks our Global Chamber team is...

  • Working with Hong Kong Economic and Trade Office, San Francisco on a China Happy Hour
  • Partnering with US Commercial Service on events in multiple metros including an event on Germany co-partnered with the German American Chamber of Commerce
  • Meeting together on the Tucson Hispanic Chamber of Commerce international committee, and...
  • Joining forces with Greater Phoenix Chamber of Commerce on an aerospace/aviation event

See the pattern?

We collaborate to leverage resources for our members. It's how we roll, in 500 metros around the world.

We haven't found a group that won't collaborate with us. But we'll keep looking ;-)

When we find a group that creates little or no value for companies growing globally, or have an ingrained win-lose mentality, we back away.

This is how we're building the global tribe - one member, sponsor and collaborator at a time, in 500 metros. Because it takes a (global) village. And we believe in win-win.

Growing globally or thinking about global growth? We're vetting the world for you, and our collaborative approach is just one part of how we're doing that.

Join the global tribe, join us.



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