Greatest Thing Since Sliced Bread

Posted by: Global Chamber on Thursday, September 10, 2015

Thanks to Sam Paschel (Skullcandy) for reminding us last week of the story of sliced bread. You know... the greatest invention EVER. The one by which all other inventions are measured. "It's the greatest thing since... sliced bread".

The history is as interesting as the claim.

Sliced bread may have been a pretty good invention, but it took 28 years for it to fully catch on across the U.S.

At first nobody was very interested in it, and the prototype that inventor Otto Frederick Rohwedder of Davenport, Iowa came up with in 1912 took some re-configuring. Even so the world didn't exactly beat a path to his door.

It was 1928 before the Chillicothe Baking Company commercialized it, and it wasn't till Wonder Bread in 1930 told the story to Americans about sliced bread that it took off. The story was one of a simplifying life... and the rest is history.

And so the greatest invention ever didn't take off until a few bugs were worked out, and a marketing story was told. There were additional hiccups along the way... including being banned during WWII... but sliced bread has lived on for 85 years after that first 28 years of sputtering, and is still going strong.

Will the same thing happen with global business?

No matter what country you live in, most buyers are somewhere else.

For the U.S. 95% of the population and 75% of the wealth is in another country. The driving force to go global is there.

But in the end companies need the machine - the slicer - to get it done. And the story.

Global Chamber is supplying the way to do global business. We're providing a variety of services and collaborating with every organization on the planet, providing education, information and connections to millions of businesses to create the opportunity for trade.

The story? We're not clever enough to tell the story that gets more than 1% of the world engaged, but we're trying!

When the wonder of global business catches on, just like sliced bread Wonder Break, magic will happen.

When it does, Global Chamber will be here along with the global tribe early adopters to help.

Ready to make the leap? Join us.

Waiting for the right story and moment? We're here.


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