The Exuberance of Global

Posted by: Global Chamber on Thursday, November 5, 2015

As we're growing Global Chamber® to the world, we've uncovered a few learnings along the way. Here are 3...





First / Fragmentation - The international business support structure for companies across borders is extremely fragmented. There are thousands of individual consultants with a piece of the solution in their heads and with the relatively small network they've developed over the years. This is clearly one of the barriers for companies to grow globally. Where do you go to get all the resources, all the connections, all the information to grow your business across borders?

Second / Abundance - The world is full of people who think in abundance ("let's collaborate to the change the world"), and there's still plenty of people who think in terms of scarcity ("let's not collaborate because I fear you'll take something from me"). Global Chamber collaborate with EVERYONE because we think the two main problems we're solving... 1) not enough companies involved with global business, and 2) not enough success for the companies already doing global business... require new thinking, new ideas, new technology and new COLLABORATION. Let's help companies invest in the right resources and connections so that they achieve beyond their goals!!

Third / Vision - The world is full of people with vision ("we CAN change the world with the right plan"), and there's still plenty of people who are stuck ("we can't do it, the powers that be are too strong"). Probably many of the folks in this group are similar to the ones in the 2nd group. We believe we can change the world with the Global Chamber... and that it's not naive to think that way. Life is too short... let's make a big dent! When we run into a 'Debbie Downer", it's kind of sad. Why are we put on this earth other than to make a difference, to improve our situation, to change the world for the better? We will.

So when we observe business communities around the world coming together with the leadership of members, collaborators and Executive Directors... we are inspired.

This week we rolled out a new chapter in Hermosillo, Mexico and everyone from our regional team, to the companies, to the Mayor, to the Mayor's team, to the community... wants to be global, wants to grow, wants to advance. Wants to make a difference.

And they can! In Hermosillo, plenty of companies supply to world-class firms like Ford and Coca-Cola, but haven't taken the next steps to export to the Americas, Asia, Europe or beyond. But many are perfectly able to do it, and we'll be looking forward to supporting the success of those companies in Hermosillo - and in 500 metros around the world.

The exuberance of global business... catch it!!

We're not ashamed to be enthusiastic. We're proud, and having fun!

When business across borders increases, companies improve their bottom line, they can hire more people, they give more money to the community, and in the end, we change the world for the better. And that feels great.

Join the global tribe.


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