The Problems We Solve

Posted by: Global Chamber on Saturday, November 21, 2015

Global Chamber® is taking on the problems that are holding companies back from faster cross-border growth and success.

We aim to solve the universal challenges that companies face with exporting, importing and foreign direct investment. These are most challenging for mid-marketing firms (US$10 million to US$1 billion per year revenue) because they don't have the luxury of throwing wads of money at problems or suffering multiple miscues during cross-border expansion.

Your primary challenges and the Global Chamber® solution...

1) It's difficult to make warm, trusted connections in new markets. And so we're building out trusted network of Executive Directors, members and collaborators across the globe who help connect you to customers, partners and other resources. Global Chamber® virtual groups and events create connections and share information real-time and on-demand.

2) It's difficult to have all the professional help you need to grow across multiple borders. And so we're collecting all the great resources within every community who can help as employees, consultants and business service providers. Bankers, lawyers, accountants, sales people, marketers, logistics experts, and all the professional support you need.

3) It's difficult to have real-time reliable support from outside the firm within a highly fragmented services world. And so we're aggregating all these smaller support groups into a coherent and collaborating support structure that ultimately will be rated by others in the global tribe so that you can reduce risk and get the help you need real-time.

Besides these key value drivers, many of us in business have an affinity for cross-cultural and cross-border business... it's fun and rewarding. And so welcome to the global tribe. Home of entrepreneurs and business leaders who are solving the problems of today with a solution built for companies taking control of the future.

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Be prepared. Act now. Join us.


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