The Proactive Exporter

Posted by: Doug Bruhnke on Friday, December 4, 2015

I'm very happy that my Grandmother and Grandfather were proactive exporters.

You see they were living in Germany prior to WWII and they proactively 'exported' themselves to the U.S., looking for a better life. Most of both of their families stayed in Germany because moving was HARD. Uprooting your life, getting on a boat, and going to a country you've never been to before is not easy.

Emma Schube from Brackenheim (near Stuttgart) and Joseph William Brings from Cologne were two amazing, proactive people. Thank goodness. They went to an entrepreneurial and successful life, and what was my Grandfather's machine shop and auto parts store still exists today on Linden Boulevard in Queens, New York.

What they did was far more adventurous than what a potential exporter would have to do to start exporting!

And so why do less than 1% of US companies export? And of those, 75% get into exporting by someone approaching them? Why aren't more companies proactive?

Well, it's hard! We'd all love to have all our customers located right on our street. But it doesn't work that way, does it?

If you want to grow and have a diverse customer base, you have to sell to customers across town, and if appropriate... across the state, country and world.

100% of successful global CEOs who have spoken at Global Chamber have said...

"I should have done it sooner.", and

"I could have done it much better."

What's stopping you from the next phase of really great growth for your company?

Accidents can happen, but why not just do it?

Be a proactive exporter, and join the global tribe.

Doug Bruhnke, CEO of Global Chamber

ps... That's my Grandmother Emma arriving at Ellis Island. They weren't married when they decided to 'export' themselves to the U.S. and so my Grandfather arrived first on a different boat, and so was able to take this picture. See that smile? That could be you as a proactive exporter!

pps... Thanks to Global Chamber member Michael Ward for the idea for this post.



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