Hundreds of Interns Available

Posted by: Global Chamber Career Center on Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Global Chamber is actively seeking and offering internships for companies looking to grow globally. How about adding a globally-minded intern to the mix?

We're working with Arizona State University (ASU) and the Government of Brazil about interns that are available from late May through mid-August. They may work anywhere in the U.S. This group of interns more than 300 students enrolled at ASU studying in STEM fields through the Brazil Scientific Mobility Program, sponsored by the government of Brazil. A large percentage of these students are engineering (civil, electrical, chemical, aerospace, etc.), but they are also in other fields such as biological sciences, chemistry, computer science and architecture. 

They may be either paid or unpaid. All visa administration, including work authorization, will be handled by the International Institute of Education in New York.  There is no fee or contract required on your part. These are among Brazil's best and brightest students. Contact Eileen Brill Wagner, BSMP Consultant to ASU at or call her at 602.617.0001.

Place your resume in to our Career Center and let's see if we can find something for you! Also don't hesitate to contact us directly.

And join the Global Chamber - we have special activities for the global tribe, like Global Career Roundtable... a meeting of the global tribe on career opportunities in the global space. Follow more on our events calendar, and contact us.


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