American Southwest Is Becoming a New Economic Engine

Posted by: Julio Espinoza, Doug Bruhnke and Luis Nunez on Saturday, February 27, 2016

During the past year the trend for a new Arizona-Sonora partnership has been set in motion by many players on both sides of the border including state and local governments, the private sector, academics, interests groups and advocates.

The days when Phoenix and Hermosillo were not collaborating are gone, and we see both Arizonans and Sonorans engaging actively in trade, investment, cooperation and political dialog. There is a new understanding on both sides of the border, but why is it so important to keep this momentum going? How can we foster the current mutual understanding and progress?

Read our article HERE at the Arizona Capitol Times.

As business and government at every level continues progress on trade, we all win.

Let's keep trade accelerating!



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