How We're Different

Posted by: Global Chamber on Thursday, March 17, 2016

We're dedicated to our members' global, cross-border success!

We’re the first chamber of commerce focused on growing cross-border trade and investment in a collaborative way across 500 metro areas around the world.

Our Global Chamber® team works hard every day to add value for members and sponsors in 500 metros around the world. We've been developing our services for over 8 years, and we've used that time to build a strong foundation for our members and sponsors to grow globally in the future.

Every day we work with other organizations to help our members grow globally. That's part of how we're different, to create a unique value proposition.

How we're different, top 10!

  1. Physically located in dozens of metros, growing to 500 metros
  2. One membership in one metro equals membership everywhere!
  3. Experienced and talented global team of Executive Directors (ED's) around the world
  4. Standardized business services in all 500 metro areas, working across metros
  5. Members can be located anywhere, tied together through our ED's and virtual communities
  6. 100% focus on helping companies grow globally, from everywhere to anywhere (no limits)
  7. Collaborating mindset with ALL organizations that have a touch point with global business
  8. Sharing regional and global calendars with ALL global business events, not just ours
  9. International connecting and business matching tools across metros, with a personal touch
  10. Annual global business festival, February 2017 with plenty of fun global business surprises

We're also building two more capabilities...11) Quantitative rating of how member companies perform with cross-border support, rated by their customers, and 12) Shared simplifying workflows for exporting and international business overall.

All this creates a clear difference and value for our members who are looking to grow from one metro to the next, to anywhere in the world.

There's nothing more valuable when you're growing to a new market than knowing someone on the other end, and being surrounded by the global tribe everywhere!

Contact us for more information and to join the global tribe! Or just JOIN now!


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