When Being Global, Be UNSTOPPABLE

Posted by: Global Chamber on Saturday, April 16, 2016

There is real meaning behind our tagline "Be global and UNSTOPPABLE".

It relates to one of the truly valuable qualities of any international business person. To be flexible, resilient and unstoppable. Against all adversities and odds.

Any international business organization faces challenges daily, and cross-cultural business ups the ante. More things can go wrong.

'Globies' - the global tribe of international business people - push through. We don't give up.

One analogy we use here regarding getting the attention of business people is to think of them barreling down the road, and nothing will stop them unless it's really compelling. Sometimes you just need to step in front of that speeding car and ask them to stop for a moment, but you better have something good!

And make sure that it's not a speeding train. You'll get run over!

It requires an UNSTOPPABLE demeanor.

Like yesterday.... Sherbaz our Executive Director in Lahore, Pakistan needed materials for an important meeting later in the day. At 2am local time he put in a call to our headquarters, which was afternoon of the previous day. We helped him with a couple issue and then he went online to our website, made some edits, and he had his materials in an electronic file.

On the way to the event he got the materials printed, and he showed, none the worse for wear. Meaning - he pulled of an 'unstoppable' moment. He would not be denied.

Sherbaz is UNSTOPPABLE. Our ED's around the world are UNSTOPPABLE. Our members are UNSTOPPABLE. You can be, too!

Grow anywhere in the world with Global Chamber. Because like you, we can't be stopped!


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