Summary Visit Report: Global Chamber

Posted by: Chansamai PHOMMACHAN on Friday, May 27, 2016

During my time with Global Chamber. I have learned a lot especially global business, international trade, and I also have a very great chance to present about my country geography, demographic, what do Lao people do to improve our economic and also what kind of business opportunities to do in Laos to Global Chamber members, international business leaders and local politicians.

I gained a lot of information from Global Chamber and international business leaders. I’ve met a lot of international business people, most of them have just first time to meet Lao people and I am very proud to be that person. It was the best time for me to learn about international business culture such as how Americans develop their country to become the world’s largest national economy, not only the largest international market for goods, but also dominate the trade in services.

It's because the U.S has abundant natural and human resources, a well-developed infrastructure and high productivity, the relative low levels of regulation and U.S government enhance the economic freedom afforded to the private sector by allowing the private sector to make the majority of economic decisions in determining the direction and scale of what the U.S economy produces.

I’ve had a good chance to attend global business week and had the pleasure to meet a Mayor of Phoenix Greg Stanton, he is a very energetic mayor, He said, “We have great companies here, we have a lot offer the world, and it's time to think and act more globally”.

Everything starts from local to global, U.S spends many hundreds years to develop their country economy and Laos has just starting to develop country economy, thus this is a very great chance for me to learn and bring experience from U.S applying to my organization as Ministry of Planning and Investment (MPI) which is role on economic co-operation and development, investment laws and regulations development.


YSEALI Spring 2016 Professional Fellowship Program

Lao Fellow: Chansamai PHOMMACHAN (Ms)

At Headquarters of Global Chamber, Scottsdale, Arizona, USA

May 25th 2016

Photo, left to right... Chansamai PHOMMACHAN, Phoenix Mayor Greg Stanton, YSEALI Fellow Nia Febriyanti


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Kim Bridges on May 28, 2016 at 7:03:32 am said:
This is the essence of Global Chamber!