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Posted by: Gary Covert on Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Here is the challenge I made at a recent talk for the Global Chamber and the Arizona Technology Council: step up and be a globie or help develop a globie.

Given the nature of our national discourse these days I think it is more important than ever.

The word “globie” got on my radar at a talk hosted by Doug Bruhnke and the Global Chamber earlier this year that included five mayors from the greater Phoenix metropolitan area. Doug was exhorting the mayors to bring their global experience (often considerable) to a more prominent space on their bios on the web.

I am making a similar exhortation here. Let’s embrace the fact that we live and work on a global stage. Let’s also embrace the fact that we all have the potential to contribute on a global stage. We also have the ability to help others reach their potential to be more effective on a global stage.

Tapping into that global potential is a two-step process. First we have to get a vision for working globally. We have to see that it is possible. Second, we have to get the skills and experience. If you already have competed these two steps then your challenge is to help others through their journey.

Understanding the concept of cultural intelligence can help on both the vision and skills front.

Cultural intelligence is the ability to be effective across a variety of cultural contexts. As with emotional intelligence (Daniel Goleman and others have researched and written extensively on emotional intelligence) cultural intelligence is a capability that can be assessed and developed in anyone. Cultural intelligence already exists in all of us and it is a capacity that can be developed and trained.

Cultural intelligence consists of four domains. All domains can be measured and developed in

* CQ Drive – the level of interest and motivation to work across cultures.
* CQ Knowledge – the knowledge of how cultures are similar and different.
* CQ Strategy – the awareness and ability to plan for multicultural interactions.
* CQ Action: the ability to adapt when working across cultures.

In your current role think what could be possible if you could do more on a global stage. If you are already active on a global stage, think about how much more impact you could have if you encouraged others to achieve their global potential. We all have cultural intelligence. Let’s see where it can take us.

Question: how are you helping to develop the global potential in yourself and others?

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John Sachen on June 1, 2016 at 4:43:01 pm said:
Thanks for bring up the topic of cultural intelligence Gary. One must express sincere interest in other cultures to achieve the knowledge necessary to be an effective globie, i.e., curiosity driven by lots of why questions and a thirst for knowledge. Also accepting things are different and learning to adapt are key, while being humble and gracious with sharing insights from your own culture of which you should play the part as ambassador.