Carlos Slim and Mexico-US Trade

Posted by: Global Chamber on Wednesday, July 13, 2016
Cody Broderick and Carlos Slim

What an amazing experience to bring Carlos Slim to the U.S.!

We'll be honest: we weren't sure we could attract him to speak at an international event in April.

When four of us got together and brainstormed ideas, we hoped but didn't know that it would lead to a really good event on trade last week.

Thanks to Mike Patterson of Polsinelli, Ray Schey of the Phoenix Business Journal and Hank Marshall of the City of Phoenix... and the many others who stepped up along the way to write letters and support the success of the event and visit.

Over 500 attendees enjoyed a 'rock star' environment at the Downtown Sheraton Hotel in Phoenix this week, shared by VIPs like Governor Doug Ducey, Jerry Colangelo and business and government leaders.

You could feel the energy in the room before and during Mr. Slim's visit - electric!

We were able to get a limited number of our Global Chamber members to meet and discuss specific opportunities with Mr. Slim. Thanks for your patience - it was tricky, but mission accomplished. That is part of the value of membership! The picture on this post is Cody Broderick, CEO of and Global Chamber member in Salt Lake City.

Overall the good news is that Mr. Slim actually came to the US. to talk about trade.. a good sign by itself. But he went further and talked about the very strong trade potential between Mexico and the US, and with Arizona in particular. He indicated that we're at a critical moment especially with the change in Governors.

“I think we need to follow the leader, the governor, not to leave him alone, and go from the intention, the speech, the concept, to the reality,” said Carlos Slim. “He’s pushing for a better relationship... You need to take advantage of it.”

Our favorite topic from Mr. Slim was when he was speaking about 'universal connectivity'... all the information, all the time, with all the connection, at your fingertips. That's exactly what we're building at Global Chamber related to growing your global business. Join us in our quest!

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