Global Chamber Advisory Boards, Tokyo and Globally

Posted by: Nobuo Yoneyama and Doug Bruhnke on Sunday, August 7, 2016

Global Chamber Advisory Boards in every metro chapter are a way for members of Global Chamber and the global tribe to further contribute and connect in their metro and across metros in global business.

Advisory Boards are 'by invitation', and we welcome you to apply to your regional executive director to participate. All members are special and above average... and all Advisory Board members are extra special! and way above average!

Our members are naturally helpful and encouraging regarding the Global Chamber mission, thank you!

Many of you approach our team to help in a more direct way. We're here to help YOU, and when you have extra energy and ideas to help in our mission, we're thankful for your contributions.

Last week on a Friday night our first Global Chamber Tokyo Advisory Board met, including...

Nobuo Yoneyama, Executive Director, Global Chamber Tokyo
Mr. Miyo, GM, Ohtaki Gas
Mr. Kawai, former President of Mitsui U.S.A.
Mr. Hanai, former Washington, DC office GM, Mitsubishi Heavy Industries
Dr. Nanri, executive, Japan Foundation and Professor, Jissen Women's University
Mr. Oiwake, President, Nisshodo
Mr. Nishida, SME consultant
Doug Bruhnke, CEO/founder, Global Chamber
We discussed growing the Tokyo chapter, finding more members, integrating into business conversations with companies in other metros, collaborating with JETRO and other organizations, and more.
These dedicated leaders met 6-9pm on Friday night, and I called in at 4am Pacific US time. Globies have a 'whatever it takes' perspective, with business 24/7 around the world.
Good discussion minna sama! ありがとうございました。
Wherever you are in the world, contact a chapter or regional desk HERE.
Contact us one way or another!
よろしく。Merci beaucoup! Thank you!
Nobuo Yoneyama, Global Chamber Tokyo
Doug Bruhnke, Global Chamber


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