CRM & Marketing Automation on a Global Scale

Posted by: Ryan Arcoraci on Wednesday, October 19, 2016

It’s not a secret that most small to medium sized business struggle with a marketing strategy and plan. This struggle is even bigger when they decide to explore international markets. Most will find it difficult to hire a full time marketing team, or spend the full time hours to allocation marketing duties to other employees when they deal with different countries and cultures. Even when they have discovered a marketing strategy that produces results, it can become an uphill battle to maintain.

Now, imagine putting your marketing campaigns on “autopilot mode” allowing business owners the option to focus their attention on other aspects of their global business. Marketing Automation saves time, allowing your marketing to run itself and produce results that are identifiable by your sales and marketing teams. Automation also saves money, by eliminating the need for a “large marketing team” to hire. The value of this definitely outweighs the investment that it requires.

What about Managing a Global Database?

Whether or not most business people know it, they have a database of contacts and leads. This is especially true for companies working at an International level. Some may use their email account to track this and others may use scraps of paper. The point is, all businesses and organizations have a database. The question remains, what are business owners today doing with their database?

The Client Relationship Management software (CRM) is designed to help business owners track their database, group contacts, and keep track of important demographic data and information for marketing purposes. A strong CRM will track conversations, phone calls, and even assign tasks to make sure not one lead or contact gets left in the dark. A great CRM helps business owners know who their database is buying, when, and why. This data helps businesses understand their clients and target their marketing to those groups who will be more engaged with it. The end result is more business development through proper database management.

Las Vegas, NV based company has developed a software to automate your marketing and sales efforts. Soffront’s Award winning CRM software will lead your company to a complete understanding of your clients at a global scale.

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