Invest in the Future, Invest in Laos

Posted by: Thongmala (Oi) KEOLA on Saturday, November 12, 2016

Are you considering expanding your business to Asia?

Are you seeking a perfect location for your investment and targeting your markets either in Southeast Asia region or China?

Are you interested in investing and exploring mineral wealth, power, agribusiness, ecotourism, education, health care including import-export business sectors?

If your answer is “yes” to any one of those questions above, why not considering doing business in Laos?

Why Laos

Laos is transforming from a landlocked to a 'land-linked' country with GDP growth 7-8% per year, among the fastest growing economies in Asia.

Laos is increasingly attractive to foreign investors.

Nine Reasons to Do Business in Laos:

  1.  Political, social, economic and financial stability in the region
  2.  Less likely to be hit by natural disasters
  3.  Clean land, rich and abundant of unexploited natural resources including water, minerals, sources of energy and forests which could be further developed by utilizing technology to commodities for export
  4.  Low labor cost compared to neighboring countries in the region
  5.  Liberal laws and regulation creating favorable business and investment environment, especially enactment of laws in investment promotion, business, labor, import-export and etc.
  6.  A land-linkage country access to 500 million population in ASEAN markets, and 1.3 billion population in China.
  7.  There are 10 Special Economic Zones which provides a number of incentives and tax holiday, inexpensive electricity and low cost of labor for foreign investors.
  8.  Laos enjoys General Special Preferences Privileges with 42 countries, Bilateral Investment Treaties with 27 countries, a member of WTO, ASEAN  Economic Community enactment and Normal Trade Relation with USA.
  9.  The increase in disposable income, especially among elites with access to resource based industry and a slowly expanding middle class within the country creates lots of opportunity in consumer, services, education, health care, tourism industry, etc.

There are plenty of opportunities in doing business in a landlocked country as Laos, where strong economic performances and structural reforms in trade, private sector development, public financial management as well as investment promotion regulation among others in the region.

Laos generously opens its doors for investors “Invest the Future, Invest in Laos”


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