U.S. Medical Tech Firms Can Access Chinese Investors

Posted by: Lothar Soliwon on Thursday, December 29, 2016

Global Chamber® is pleased to announce that U.S. medical technology companies can access funding from Chinese investors through ZG Worldwide Consultants.

China is rapidly developing its high technology manufacturing capabilities to supply fast growing domestic and global export markets. Medical technology is a major element of this.

ZG Worldwide Consultants is working with a group of Chinese investors seeking advanced medical technology from the U.S., either in a joint venture or company acquisition. 

These investors are looking for early stage to well-established companies with up to $50 million in annual sales. Quinn Place, CPA, and ZG Worldwide Associate has been assisting this group in identifying candidates. Quinn is originally from China and currently resides in the U.S., in northern Illinois.

In addition, Quinn along with a large Chinese distributor are looking to work with U.S. pharmaceutical and pharmaceutical excipient firms that are seeking to expand their distribution channels to China. All candidates have API (Active Pharmaceutic Ingredients - some with FDA approval) who want to sell in the U.S. and other markets. 

Executives at firms with medical devices and pharmaceuticals seeking venture capital are welcome to make the initial contact with ZG Worldwide Consultants at info@zgworldwide.com. These inquiries will be evaluated and sent to the appropriate investors.

Thank you!

Lothar Soliwon, CEO, ZG Worldwide Consultants

Member of Global Chamber®



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