Young Indonesian Entrepreneurs Connect to the World via Global Chamber

Posted by: Kim Bridges on Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Global Chamber recently had the opportunity to participate in an outbound project for the U.S. State Department’s Professional Fellows Program.  The project was envisioned, awarded to and implemented by Professional Fellow, Nia Febriyanti from the Bank Danamon Indonesia, a YSEALI alumni who recently was hosted by Global Chamber to work alongside the Global Chamber team to learn and experience U.S. business operations.  The outbound project is part of the State’s PFP program and is required to be submitted by every Fellow, yet only a handful are selected by the department to receive funding for implementation, which includes paying for a U.S. business person to fly into their country and help with the implementation.

Nia’s outbound project to “Enhance and Broaden the Knowledge in the SME Sector to Grow Business Globally," was selected by the Statement Department for full implementation.  She invited CEO and Founder of Global Chamber, Doug Bruhnke to Jakarta to help her implement the program. 

For six days, Doug and Nia traveled the region facilitating workshops, lectures, meetings and one-on-one mentoring sessions designed to not only educate, but to make lasting connecting that will lead to long term business opportunities.  This visit and the connections made not only provided attendees with invaluable knowledge and guidance for global business development, but also lead to solidifying a partnership between Global Chamber and HIPMI that will lead to long term business opportunities for both the U.S. and Indonesia.

HIPMI (Himpunan Pengusaha Muda Indonesia, or Indonesian Young Entrepreneurs Association) fosters the entrepreneurial spirit of young people in Indonesia. Emphasizing the importance of these young entrepreneurs to engage in cross-border business, the association is made up of entrepreneurs from across Indonesia, each focused on helping the other grow globally.  

The members of HIPMI were eager and excited to participate in the global business development training program and received Doug with open and engaging arms. Following the visit and enthusiastic conversations between Doug and HIPMI, both parties agreed to a collaboration agreement that allows HIPMI members to have more access and resources to global markets and Global Chamber® the support and infrastructure to immediately establish active chapters in the major metros of Indonesia… advancing two-way global connectivity.

HIPMI with its thousand of members from across Indonesia and Global Chamber with its goal to reach 525 chapters all around the world by 2020, is a perfect match to foster great business opportunities for both countries.  Thanks to Global Chamber, our members will be able to more easily grow globally.”

Nia Febriyanti, Product Manager at Bank Danamon and member of HIPMI.


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