Warm Connections to Grow Your Business Anywhere

Posted by: Doug Bruhnke on Tuesday, March 21, 2017

They're probably not intentionally ignoring you. They're just busy.

Even if you know the right person to reach in a different metro or country to discuss new business, they have a lot on their plate. You do, too. And sadly what often happens is that there is plenty of wasted time... on the wrong people or with people too busy to respond. Wasted time is unproductive time - in do-overs, the wrong people, dead-ends and initiatives that take WAY TOO LONG.

The secret today is slowing the world down for yourself and the ideal person in your target for just a few minutes... about 525 seconds... to connect and learn how the two people and parties can create a win-win.

Slow down to speed up growth.

One thing that sets Global Chamber® apart is our knack for finding the right people to help our members grow. Those 'warm connections' are in your metropolitan area or somewhere far away. They're thoughtful on both sides of the potential win-win so that executives, professionals and leaders STOP... and the world slows down on both sides to open a door to opportunity.

Here are two examples from today, and these happen EVERY DAY, near continuously as the global tribe grows.

A same-metro example is a member who needed access to a top local immigration attorney who could help one of their employees in Canada. The attorney needed to be nearby. Several law firm members of Global Chamber® were potential candidates, but one of those wasn't able to handle new clients and the others weren't local. The Global Chamber® Executive Director reached out to another member who he thought had special access to this type of request and that member provided three attorneys. Those were provided to the other member after due diligence calls. One firm was selected by the member, who is happy. The selected firm is happy, and they joined as members. Warm connections accomplished!

A different-metro example is a member with a presence in Mexico seeking services in a couple metros in Argentina. The Global Chamber® Executive Director working with the member connected her to our key person in Buenos Aires. Those two spoke and the Mexican company began their process of setting up in Argentina. There's more to follow, but once again a 'warm connection' was made in this case across metros to help grow another company across borders.

A 'warm connection' can be service provider, a customer or a partner. It's 'warm' because we go out of our way to understand the business and needs of our members, and then we professionally introduce them to someone who we know in some way - often already a member - or that we feel has a high probability of matching the member's need.

Ours are not random connections... they are well thought out. The probability of a meeting is extremely high, and the chances for more business is high, too. A degree of 'win-win' is always at the heart of any introductions that we make anywhere in the world.

In the case of the immigration attorney, that firm came highly recommended, and we did a due diligence call... so there was a high likelihood of win-win.

In the case of connections in a distant metro, the discussion was held with a Global Chamber® team member who deeply understands that new country and region - and can directly or indirectly connect in business in a wide variety of ways - to customers and resources.

A warm connection doesn't necessarily become a customer, partner or trusted resource, but the likelihood is high because of the process we use, the people in our membership (the 'global tribe') and our talented and connected team worldwide.

Being everywhere helps because we can help everywhere. All this sets Global Chamber® apart from EVERY other organization.

Grow in the world... and grow faster and with less risk with some warmth from the team at Global Chamber®.

After 30 years working globally, I've watched too many companies flail and fail internationally. Global Chamber® is implementing the systems to help companies do it easier and better in town, across the country and around the world.

I'm so proud of our tribe... you get it! Thank you for jumping in and participating!

Want to learn more about the warm side of growth? Contact me.

All the best, Doug


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