Warm Connections Expedite Business Success in Latin America & Africa

Posted by: Cesar Trabanco on Tuesday, April 4, 2017

When you're looking for customers, partners, a job... or setting up in a new metro or country... warm connections make ALL the difference. EVERY DAY our Global Chamber® team around the world makes warm connections to help members grow.

Like with Trevor Jones, Lynx Global Intelligence in Denver, Colorado.

Lynx desired increased visibility, export connections and supplier prospects. Global Chamber® Denver worked with Lynx to put them together with the connections they needed to achieve results. 

Founded in 2016 by partners Sonny Betancourt and Trevor Jones, Lynx Global Intelligence (Lynx) is a consulting and advisory firm in Denver, Colorado. Lynx helps partners ensure organizational continuity in a rapidly changing world and fosters partnerships that mitigates risk and increases opportunities abroad. The organization joined Global Chamber® through the Denver chapter in 2016.

Lynx, a Global Chamber® member, needed help in two very specific areas:

  1. Promoting a Cuba Trade Delegation - Given new conditions in the Cuban market, Lynx is helping companies and organizations explore business opportunities in the island nation. This effort became the catalyst for creating a “Why Cuba” Trade Delegation, designed for businesses interested in doing business in or with Cuba. Lynx needed assistance in reaching beyond Colorado to promote and make connections with people who would be interested in participating in this delegation.    
  2. Finding a reliable producer of MD2 Pineapple Seeds - Lynx needed to find a reliable producer of a MD2 pineapple seeds in Central America in order to source for a partner in East Africa.    

Undoubtedly there will be more help needed in the future! Global Chamber® members have their hands in many opportunities!

Through our global connections within and outside the ‘global tribe’ Global Chamber® helped Lynx:

  1. Connect with pineapple genetics providers in Central America who developed the MD2 seeds
  2. Make a connection at the Port of New Orleans who helped identify opportunities in Cuba for their exporter clients
  3. Hosted a multi-metro, virtual and land-based “Why Cuba” Trade Delegation event, bringing in people from Denver, Phoenix, Chicago and Miami to discuss Cuba business opportunities and share details about the delegation trip
  4. Be featured in a podcast to promote opportunities in Cuba and the trade delegation

Lynx Global Intelligence received trusted connections and exposure from multiple Global Chamber® metros that allowed them to source the correct pineapple seed to their partner and increase the visibility of their company and the delegation trip.

“Thanks to Global Chamber®, Lynx Global was able to connect to a broad audience for our Cuba activities, in addition to finding sources for raw agricultural material to be shipped to East Africa for a client.”  - Trevor Jones, Co-Founder - Lynx Global Intelligence


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