Managing the Hurdles of Global Expansion

Posted by: Julie Gaertner, Blue Marble Global Payroll on Wednesday, April 19, 2017

When companies expand overseas, there are many factors to consider, like how to start the new business, how to go to market, employing staff, handling taxes and accounting and managing new language and culture... to name a few.

Once you have employees in other countries, the challenges of managing payroll, compliance, and taxes can seem and actually be overwhelming – especially as regulations and laws change each year in each country.

So we've reached out to Blue Marble Global Payroll for answers because the penalties can be significant for non-compliance, and mistakes on this side of global implementation can short circuit sales growth.

To manage global expansion, we suggest seeking expert advice. The upcoming webinar “Managing the Hurdles of Global Expansion” features global experts from Blue Marble who will discuss:

  • How to make set up overseas easier - Read More
  • Minimizing employee costs without sacrificing compliance - Read More
  • Complying with local laws vs. relying on U.S. law - Read More 
  • Using contractors in Europe to avoid strict employment laws - Read More

The links above provide information from Blue Marble that will help.

If you're reading this before 4/25/17, here's the sign-up link for the webinar HERE

If you're reading this after 4/25, read the WRAP-UP and contact Global Chamber for more information.


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