Doing Trade with Russia, Cuba and Iran: Webinar Recap

Posted by: LeAnn Young, Global Chamber Baltimore-WashingtonDC on Friday, April 21, 2017

Global Chamber® recently hosted an educational seminar on the opportunities, risks, and guidelines for doing trade with Russia, Cuba and Iran

This webinar was hosted by Global Chamber® Baltimore/Washington and featured member WCC International.

At the webinar we learned that trade is possible with Russia, Cuba and Iran, but anyone wishing to enter these markets must first do much up front research and homework. Our speakers discussed the different special sanctions in place, how companies can best navigate these restrictions, and what available resources are available to assist companies interested in these markets.

Our speakers also reminded us of the importance to monitor these markets on an on-going basis as guidelines and rules for doing business with sanctioned countries change frequently.

Thank you WCC International and all of our panelists!

For more information shared in the webinar, CLICK HERE to watch the video and learn more.

Thank you!

LeAnn Young, Global Chamber® Baltimore/Washington



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