Warm Connections Lead to 3 More Success Stories

Posted by: Cesar Trabanco on Monday, May 8, 2017

“The unique approach of Global Chamber® to actively match potential clients via warm introductions has helped us enter the European and African markets - Andy Aiyer, Profi Solutions

We're dedicated to understanding each member and then making the right connections to advance their growth regionally and/or globally.

Today we have 3 more success stories!

Profi Solutions

Profi Solutions is a custom software development firm from Illinois that builds advanced solutions for all type of industries. Andy Aiyer, President of Profi Solutions joined Global Chamber® to gain broader exposure and international connections and expand the firm's presence outside of the U.S.

They asked for the following...

  1. To connect with companies needing web design, e-commerce and marketing services.
  2. To be introduced to firms in other continents like Europe and Asia.

Profi Solutions, part of ZG Worldwide, joined the Global Chamber® Member-to-Member Offers program and the firm started to meet members who could use their services. For instance they met Bloom Fruits Consultants, who helps connect large fruit-farmers to grow and sell fruit to international markets, by sourcing, routing and market placement. Their main operations are in Spain and Egypt. They hired Profi Solutions to develop a multilingual informational website for global operations.

The connection was a 'win-win' as Profi Solutions obtained more business revenue through Global Chamber® and demonstrated that the firm could readily expand to new markets with top notch Web applications and design services. Concurrently, Bloom Fruit Consultants is growing with their new website.

Contact me (Cesar) if you'd like to learn more about this success story and how you can participate directly or in some way with the win for you firm.

Two more success stories have been documented in the most recent edition of In Business Magazine.

Delta Technolgy

Colin Christie and the team at Global Chamber® Manila made warm connections for member Lyle Rusonowski of Delta Technology so that Delta could find reliable resources, understand local hiring practices and gain reassurance along the way as they grew their business.

Read a more complete story on the success of Delta Technology HERE at In Business Magazine.

“Colin helped make my trip to Manila successful and productive. I left the visit with a much better understanding of the challenges involved with local hires and opportunities that it provided. And most importantly, I left with good options and a path forward.” - Lyle Rusonowski, CEO of Delta Technology

Lynx Global Intelligence

Lynx Global Intelligence (Lynx) is a consulting and advisory firm in Denver, Colorado. Lynx helps partners ensure organizational continuity in a rapidly changing world and fosters partnerships that mitigate risk and increase opportunities abroad.

At Global Chamber® they received trusted connections and exposure from multiple Global Chamber® metros that allowed the firm to source the right ag product to its partner and increase the visibility of its company for a trade mission to Cuba.

Read a more complete story on the success of Lynx HERE at In Business Magazine.

“Thanks to Global Chamber®, Lynx was able to connect to a broad audience for our Cuba activities, in addition to finding sources for raw agricultural material to be shipped to East Africa for a client,” said Trevor Jones, co-founder of Lynx Global Intelligence.

Learn more about how you too can make strategic connections to grow your business.

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