Multi-Metro Events Connect You to the World

Posted by: Doug Bruhnke on Friday, May 19, 2017

Multi-metro events by Global Chamber® are held simultaneously in multiple locations around the world. These are seminars, webinars and special events... designed to help our members connect directly with new opportunities in markets around the world.

There are many multi-metro events scheduled in the next months... on manufacturing, healthcare in Asia, global growth tips from the C-suite, women in global leadership, sports business opportunities, growth in Africa, growth in Europe, the impact of international trade changes on your business, sustainability opportunities, understanding cross-cultural issues to grow your business, international banking and global logistics... whew!

Our next seminar is on manufacturing and marketing in new markets between Asia and North America - and primarily Japan, China, Mexico and the U.S. You may attend this event at one of the 6 locations OR virtually. This event is being held in collaboration between Global Chamber®, ProMexico and other groups.

Manufacturers in aerospace, automotive, consumer and industrial segments are encouraged to attend our next event 6/8 to learn more about site selection and other factors influencing cross border growth and global manufacturing in today's competitive and fast-changing world. Click HERE to learn more.

Do you manufacture and/or sell in Japan, the US, Mexico, China or ASEAN countries? Join us.

Connect to new opportunities around the world more easily. Be global and UNSTOPPABLE!

Contact us to participate more in your metro and across metros.



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