Doug Bruhnke, CEO and Executive Director, Global Chamber

Posted by: Alexandra Verhein, Global Chamber on Wednesday, June 21, 2017

This blog post kicks off a series where we highlight the activities of Executive Directors and other leaders for Global Chamber® around the world. Since we're growing in 525 metros, there will be a few of these!

We start with the very first Executive Director at Global Chamber®... Doug Bruhnke, CEO/founder... who began managing three metro areas... Phoenix, Tucson and Salt Lake City. Subsequently Doug's role in Tucson and Salt Lake City were replaced by other Executive Directors, JP Martin in Tucson and Meher Ayesha in Salt Lake. He has maintained his role in metro Phoenix to 'stay engaged with members as they seek growth locally and beyond.'

We spoke with Doug Bruhnke, below.

"I am inspired every day to help companies find customers, partners, resources and ideas to grow more effectively," said Doug Bruhnke, Global Chamber®.

"My goal is to every day help more companies succeed and of course EVERY member of Global Chamber®. Seeing them succeed is incredibly satisfying. For instance a member in the Phoenix Chamber is Delta Technologies, described as the middle success story in this recent post. Lyle their CEO is amazing. Our process is simple: with a few questions from us, a critical connection or two, and subsequent magic by Lyle and his team, their business has flourished.

"Less than 1% of US companies export because it's not easy, and it's not for everybody. Having worked in international business since January, 1987, I can say unequivocally that the vast majority of companies doing business know only a fraction of the people, markets and information that they need to know in order to grow most effectively. And so their growth ends up being sub-optimal, and sadly, sometimes worse.

"Those dangers drive our urgent actions every moment of every day... to connect more executives to the customers, partners and other resources they need to grow faster and more effectively across metros and borders. It's incredibly rewarding to see our members succeed. It's what keeps us going!

"Big companies pretty much have all they need to succeed, and if they fail from time to time, it's not the end of the world because they usually have the resources to make a mistake or two or three. But most SMEs can't afford to fail, and so they tend to be risk averse, which creates other problems. Typically, they are way under-invested for what they need to be internationally, and not nearly as connected as they should be.

"We help primarily by understanding their needs and then providing warm connections to fill in the gaps, because those connections can ease the way and make global business growth much easier.

"We're the only organization in the world built to do that: intentionally designed to create connections across metros... not just within a metro... and to collaborate with other organizations that are already doing part of this work.

"I’m not just talking about global business over wine and cheese, I’m talking about doing deals... getting business done. What's what we do and facilitate.

"I'm honored and proud to be working with our global team growing around the world, over 150 strong and growing in 525 metro areas around the world... everywhere! Every day we see how our network helps companies to more fully succeed, making global expansion exponentially easier for our members.

"In addition, within metros we work with the 'global tribe' - the group of more sophisticated companies, executives and service providers who are extraordinary and able to leap tall business challenges in a single bound. These are the professionals and leaders that our members need to know because they too are professional, capable and interested in growth, within the metro, and beyond. Working together and collaboratively... we are making a positive dent in the challenge.

"Like our team around the world, I wake up every day to help. That passion and our worldwide connections keep us going as we grow within metros and across the world. Thank you to our members - we greatly appreciate your support! Thank you to our team.. you are truly extraordinary.

As Doug says... Be Global and UNSTOPPABLE!

More on Doug...

Doug is CEO/founder of Global Chamber®, helping companies grow more effectively across metros, cross border and globally. Doug was born in Mt. Kisco, New York and his first international trip was to Korea in January of 1987. Since then he's been a two-time expat with the Dupont Company (Tokyo and Singapore) and has worked in over 100 countries and nearly all market segments. He's now leading Global Chamber® which is growing in 195 countries and 525 metro areas, i.e. everywhere! Doug is a member of US District Export Council, advisor for US Global Leadership Council and past president at Global Ties Arizona. He has a B.S. in Chemical Engineering from University of Utah and an EMBA from Michigan State University. He and his wife Yvonne have been married for 35 years and they are most proud of their daughter who is a nurse practitioner in San Francisco, California. They are all members of the 'global tribe' with primary family heritage being German, Greek and Polish. Contact Doug Bruhnke: doug@globalchamber. org, +1 480-595-5000 x5

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