Jeffrey Campos and Member Success in Denver, Colorado

Posted by: Alexandra Verhein, Global Chamber on Friday, June 30, 2017

Jeffrey Campos is Executive Director for Global Chamber® Denver, Colorado USA. We spoke to Jeffrey about why he joined Global Chamber® and what inspires him to help members and collaborating organizations to succeed.

“Global Chamber® protects and furthers the members’ interests by improving the business climate in their city, metro, region, and globally," said Jeffrey. "We do that by helping each member succeed... through connections, information, education, trade missions... whatever it takes to further their progress. Every organization has unfilled opportunities, and for those that are open to growing, we discover those and help fill in what's missing to support their business growth."

"I joined the Global Chamber® team after visiting an event in another city and watching how companies were connecting to opportunities right there, live. That's powerful because companies always have gaps and can always benefit from even one more great introduction - to a partner, customer or service provider."

Jeffrey has been steadily building Global Chamber® Denver so that each member is more successful. One favorite recent success story is Lynx Global Intelligence. Lynx joined our global tribe to make more global connections and gain assistance in two areas: an upcoming Cuba Trade Delegation, and pineapple seeds. What a combination, right? Our members are involved in just about everything related to global business!

Jeffrey met with Lynx and discussed options for the growth of their business project and to discuss how Global Chamber® could help them. The results in their two main areas of interested helped Lynx make connections, gain exposure and solve their needs with pineapple seeds.

On Cuba, Jeffrey and Global Chamber® made introductions to connect organizations to Lynx in order to explore new business opportunities. Trade between Cuba and the US may make a momentary pause, but the long-range outlook for trade with Cuba overall looks good.

Global Chamber® New Orleans introduced the Lynx team to a person at the Port of New Orleans to help guide them to opportunities in Cuba for their exporter clients. Jeff and his Global Chamber® chapter in Denver hosted a multi-metro, virtual and land-based “Why Cuba” Trade Delegation event which exposed interested business leaders in Denver, Phoenix, Chicago, Miami - and worldwide - to Cuba Business opportunities. Lynx was also featured in a podcast at a regional radio station where they discussed their business and opportunities in Cuba.

Regarding the business of pineapple seeds, Lynx needed to find a reliable producer of a MD2 pineapple seeds in Central America to source for a partner in East Africa. Global Chamber® connected Lynx with a pineapple genetics organization in Central America who work with the MD2 seeds, which was a perfect fit.

"We welcome organizations to join Global Chamber® because our team cares, asks questions and can help - not just locally, but regionally and globally," said Jeffrey Campos. "The connections we have particularly in other metros is a unique asset for companies to tap into - to learn and to grow."

"Working as Executive Director of Global Chamber® Denver has helped me help our members be more successful, and that helps people and our community."

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Jeffrey Campos is a forward-thinking Marketing, Public Relations, and Communications Executive - who has both a local and a global mindset. He has senior business leadership experience at a marketing and public relations firm, Chambers of Commerce, small and medium businesses, and Fortune 500 companies. Jeffrey has a history of facilitating cross-cultural marketing planning, media & public relations campaigns and communications programs. He is uniquely adept at developing partnerships with industry, community, and government leaders that drive revenue gains under market and budgetary constraints. He cares about the Denver, Colorado region and supports business and collaboration between entities to advance companies, business people and the community.




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Ed Felter on June 4, 2019 at 11:21:31 am said:
Jeff, Would you please send me your email address so I can send you information on my colleague, Judge Tim Nemechek. He wants to join.

Thank you., or will work!