Korina Smith and Member Success in Dallas, Texas

Posted by: Alexandra Verhein, Global Chamber on Friday, July 7, 2017

Korina Smith (left, with CEO/founder Doug Bruhnke) is Executive Director of Global Chamber® Dallas, Texas USA. We asked Korina why she joined Global Chamber® and what drives her to help members and organizations to thrive.

“I'm attracted to the big vision of Global Chamber® to connect the world through business," said Korina. "I love exposing international companies to the work force in other countries that can cause the opening of a new plant or a new operation in that country, creating jobs, and bringing up the middle class and alleviating poverty. That can diminish turmoil in a region because trade and business partnerships between countries can be an incentive for diplomacy and cause positive economic alliances. This macro progress inspires me, and it all starts with one company, one executive, and the next business deal.”

Korina has many success stories in Texas that show how Global Chamber® builds business and the economy.

One example was partnering with Invest Macedonia to host the Macedonian Ambassador to the U.S., in Dallas, who connected with regional leaders on new investment opportunities in Macedonia. Dr. Vasko Naumovski, Ambassador of the Republic of Macedonia to the U.S., shared benefits of investing in his country.. and cross-border business is growing.

Another success story for Global Chamber® Dallas was hosting a business luncheon for Belgian companies to connect with new customers and partners - again connecting businesses with new opportunities across borders.

Another success story was made in partnership with the regional office of U.S. Commercial Service. Global Chamber® Dallas partnered with U.S. Commercial Service on the 2nd annual Threats to the Global Marketplace event. The collaboration resulted in great speakers, a good venue, high attendance and solid revenue created to invest in next year's event.

Global Chamber® loves to collaborate... to create win-win-wins!

More on Korina Smith, Executive Director, Global Chamber® Dallas

Korina is a dedicated, mission-driven leader who thrives when leading and developing teams. Korina has been a professional public speaker for over a decade and consistently exceeds sales standards. She loves mentoring and coaching others one-on-one to maximize performance.

Her business specialties include: business development, business matchmaking, and helping businesses with their global expansion. Korina has a huge heart for others while being a strong leader. She has over 18 years of experience leading teams on humanitarian missions to deliver humanitarian aid and facilitate sustainable projects in villages, relief camps and orphanages around the world.  

Korina has also dedicated 8 years of her career as an advocate for education and a public speaker for high school students to live purpose driven lives and getting the smartest education to do so. She also serves as the Chief Operations Officer at Leverage 7.

She holds a BA in Political Science: Global Politics from California State University Los Angeles. She also studied at the Institut d'Études Politiques d'Aix-en-Provence and the Pontifícia Universidade Católica do Rio de Janeiro. Korina loves to travel internationally and she speaks Spanish, Portuguese and French.

Korina is inspired by those who come up with creative solutions to tackle some of humanity’s most difficult challenges, like poverty, disease and climate change.

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