Colin Christie and Member Success in Manila, Philippines

Posted by: Alexandra Verhein, Global Chamber on Sunday, July 16, 2017

Colin Christie is Executive Director of Global Chamber® Manila. He is very passionate about his work with Global Chamber®, and we asked him why he joined and what it means to him to be in the heart of global business for Manila and the Philippines.

“Over the past decade, I was fortunate to have the opportunity to build an international company, serving customers in North America in the healthcare sector by tapping talent in the Philippines for clinical documentation and healthcare information management," began Colin. "Our headquarters was in Scottsdale, Arizona where I got to know Doug Bruhnke, CEO of Global Chamber®."

"So when the opportunity arose more recently to move full-time to Metro Manila and launch Global Chamber® here, I jumped at the chance!  My partners and I had sold the healthcare business, and I wanted to share the amazing experiences I had gained with others to help them expand their businesses internationally and grow more effectively.

"Being able to participate in building the 'global tribe' by collaborating with local business leaders and industry groups here in Metro Manila, and then tapping into the collective networks of our Executive Directors around the world to provide warm and trusted connections is very rewarding.

"Already, we have great member success stories happening and building. We connected a US-based company to leadership of our local Philippines electronics manufacturing sector. We collaborated with a local university to produce a highly successful two-day Digital Transformation Summit that has brought to light the many new opportunities in the global digital economy. And just last week we conducted a healthcare innovation virtual event connecting panelists and participants in the Philippines, Pakistan, Vietnam, Bangladesh and Nepal to tackle common challenges in improving healthcare delivery through lessons learned in each of these emerging countries.  

"It's a true honor to be part of Global Chamber®, and to have the opportunity to work daily with our incredibly talented and passionate worldwide team, collaborators and sponsors, collectively helping our members grow and succeed!”

More About Colin Christie

Colin Christie is an international consultant, connector and collaborator. He is CEO/founder of the firm Sibol Consultancy Services and Executive Director of the Global Chamber® Manila, which helps member and sponsor companies grow globally.

Global Chamber® is a thriving, collaborating and growing community of CEOs, executives, professionals and students in 525 metro areas around the world that is lowering risk and increasing success with global business. Originally from South Africa, raised in Hong Kong, and 30+ years in the USA, Colin now resides in Metro Manila, Philippines and is passionate about helping companies be more global and successful.

Are you a member seeking to grow in the Philippines or a company in Manila looking to join the global tribe? Connect with Colin by clicking HERE.

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