Multi-Metro Growth Tips from the C-Suite: Wrap-up

Posted by: Doug Bruhnke, Global Chamber on Thursday, July 20, 2017

Multi-Metro Growth Tips from the C-Suite

Global Chamber® this week hosted 5 global business leaders from the C-Suite to discuss the world of global growth... keeping up, staying ahead and growing in today's fast-changing environment.

The 90-minute broadcast covered challenges faced these leaders and how they are handling them. The provided tips to other business owners and leaders as they navigate their own market opportunities.

Our speakers are all leading successful global ventures and they all had fascinating stories to share that were inspirational! They are from a diverse group of companies across segments including fintech, importing, retail, sustainability, services, construction, industrial and exporting.

Watch the full video recording for this event here: Multi-Metro Growth Tips from the C-Suite

Global Chamber® wishes to thank our speakers. You'll enjoy listening to their insights at the link above. And see their biographies below.

  • Nazri Muhd, CEO at Vector Scorecard and MyFinB (Singapore)
  • Claudio Toyama, CEO at Toyama & Company (Baltimore/Washington)
  • Richard Robertson, COO at SEER, Strategic Environmental & Energy Resources (Denver)
  • Rudy Vetter for Kyle Walker, NewGen Worldwide and Green Card Fund; IIUSA (Invest In the USA) (Phoenix)
  • Allen Bassett, President at New Mexico Pinion Coffee Company (Albuquerque)

Special thanks to the amazing Rudy Vetter of Greencard Fund for filling in for Kyle Walker at the last minute who got stuck in a plane during the event!

For any members interested in the Central Bank of Singapore report that Nazri mentioned, please click the link below for Doug Bruhnke.

One of the interesting lines of discussion started when the panelists mentioned about that more than 'know how', we always need the 'know who' - that next key contact to open a door to the next opportunity. As Claudio pointed out... that's one of the greatest values of Global Chamber®... we open those doors through the global tribe, worldwide, in every country, every metro, every segment... and what's the value of that one great intro? Priceless! So...

So know HOW, definitely! Have know how, and know how to do what needs to be done. Also...

  • Know WHO (in order to open doors to opportunity)
  • Know WHAT (to do)
  • Know WHEN (to do it)
  • Know WHERE (to do it)
  • Know WHY (kudos to Simon Sinek)

Global Chamber® is now hosting 3 multi-metro events per month, and we have over 20 already planned coming up. Keep a watch for them HERE. Up next: we're pleased to present events on women in global leadership, cybersecurity. agriculture opportunities, investment in Africa, global franchising, technology and more!

For questions and follow-up on the C-Suite event, contact the event moderator Doug Bruhnke.

And for questions overall about becoming a member of the global tribe, contact us.

Be global and UNSTOPPABLE!


Nazri Muhd - M Nazri's passion and expertise in building start-ups and SMEs (both directly and at policy level) for more than a decade, has led him to become a venture builder. He has spoken in numerous international events, seed-invested start-ups, advised on investments and actively mentoring experienced business managers and entrepreneurs alike - especially in areas like financial transformation and business remodeling.

Richard Robertson - Richard leads international expansion and turn-arounds in the clean technology sector, helping to advance energy efficiency and reduce the impact of greenhouse gas emissions, worldwide.  Richard is COO of SEER, Strategic Environmental & Energy Resources, Inc., a listed holding company focused on environmental, renewable fuels, and industrial waste stream management. Richard’s experience living in 7 countries and traveling to 70 more, helps drive his passion for technologies aimed at preserving our environment. Recognized for spearheading profitable international expansion, as well as turning around underperforming operations, Richard brings a wealth of knowledge in strategy, international marketing, sales, manufacturing, and product development.  He has led global operations spanning 6 continents, with expertise covering Asia and the Middle East, where he lived with his wife and 2 children for 25 years.    Richard was born in the Democratic Republic of Congo. 

Claudio Toyama - Award-winning international speaker Claudio Toyama is the CEO of Toyama&Co., an International leadership consultancy specializing in building sustainable peak performance cultures. He has delivered projects in 113 countries, has travelled to over 40 of them and has lived in 5 different countries - Brazil, Japan, Italy, the UK and the USA. Claudio's ability to create paradigm shifts in corporate culture results in more thoughtful leadership, a staff of brand ambassadors and customers who feel the difference and embrace it. He is the author of "Leadership: The Faculty of Leadership Speakers Academy at West Point", a Forbes contributor, a sought-after international speaker and a featured guest on TV, including NBC and FOX, where Claudio shares his unique expertise on Leadership and Company Culture. He lives with his wife and daughter outside Washington, DC (USA). 

Kyle Walker - Kyle is a Founder and Managing Partner of Green Card Fund, LLC and NewGen Worldwide. With Green Card Fund, Kyle Walker founded Arizona’s first and leading EB-5 Regional Center. Kyle focuses on identifying attractive project opportunities to develop them to successful EB-5 investment opportunities forlocal project developers and international investors. As a national industry leader, he is strongly engaged in the process of industry representation and legislative outreach an a member of the board of directors of Invest in USA (IIUSA, the national EB-5 trade association).

Allen Bassett - Alen has been recognized as one of Albuquerque Business First’s 40 Under 40 in 2017. He took over the New Mexico's largest coffee company and grew it 2.5 times in 5 years to 1.8 million pounds annually by establishing high volume global distribution channels. He has experience in franchises, manufacturing, and startups. His speciality is fixing established businesses with a look toward the future.




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