Kuntal Warwick and Member Success in San Diego, California

Posted by: Alexandra Verhein on Friday, August 4, 2017

Kuntal Warwick started our chapter of Global Chamber® in San Diego, California and continues to work with members and sponsors on their growth needs across the region. Thank you for your leadership, Kuntal... and for jumping in early in our history.

We asked Kuntal what inspired her to join and to support the growth of member companies seeking success in Southern California and in other metros across the U.S. and the world.

“I joined Global Chamber® in November 2015 to promote global business in San Diego, facilitate the new business connection process and to help elevate the global profile of the region," Kuntal said.

"Global Chamber® is an innovative platform unlike any other available to businesses looking to expand internationally. Unlike a local organization, we have chapters with global business leaders around the world that reach to 525 metro areas - everywhere. We also collaborate with all organizations to expand everyone's reach, to grow business and to create more wealth in every region."

The chapter in San Diego has facilitated many successes. One success is multiple renewing member ROI Return on Investment, a global authority on corporate expansion and investment intelligence. The company provides full-service consultation and lead generation to economic development agencies and B2B companies around the country and world. They are headquartered in Montreal, Canada and have a team of 60+ professionals, fluent in 25 languages, with capabilities global in scope.

"Global Chamber® offers a unique business development opportunity to companies seeking growth in other metros and countries, and to those looking for more sophisticated clients who are multi-metro, multi-country and global," said Rick Moore, VP of Business Development at ROI.

Thank you ROI for your renewing membership in Global Chamber®! We enjoy working with you!

Other successes at Global Chamber® San Diego include member Berlitz, who is open to working with more companies looking for support with cross-cultural and language challenges. Kuntal and her regional team has helped Berlitz by providing more exposure with monthly mentions, blog posts and other media, as well as holding multiple events focused on Berlitz services. Global Chamber® members received special-priced programs and Berlitz was introduced to over 10 targeted leads!

Our support of members is always about benefiting their business and the global tribe.

“We have benefited from the exposure and introduction to new opportunities," said Cheryl Gross, Berlitz Learning Center Manager, San Diego.


Kuntal Warwick of Global Chamber® San Diego

Kuntal Shah Warwick brings over 15 years of experience in international communication, outreach and program management across a variety of industries and regions. In addition to her work with Global Chamber®, she is a consultant who has provided business and organizational leadership with a particular focus on strategic marketing, communications and partnerships.

Previously, Kuntal worked at the University of Pennsylvania as an international advisor and coordinator of university-wide international programs. These were designed to highlight the university’s global engagement and increase its international profile and partnerships.

Kuntal also brings research and diplomatic communications expertise from her time at the Center for the Advanced Study of India and the Embassy of India, as well as integrated and social marketing experience on national, landmark campaigns from Porter Novelli public relations in Washington, DC. Kuntal has an M.A. in International Communication from the School of International Service at American University and a B.A. in Advertising from Penn State University.

Global Chamber® San Diego

Global Chamber San Diego is part of a thriving and collaborative community of CEO's, executives, and professionals in 525 metropolitan areas around the world engaging in global business. We leverage growing industries in the region and our own professional network to help companies succeed faster and more profitably across borders. By working with local and federal government agencies, trade and cultural organizations, Global Chamber San Diego provides a supportive platform for companies to eliminate common but unnecessary mistakes, decrease business risk, find trade and investment partners, as well as a salient global voice.  We are the only organization in the world with the mission to grow business from anywhere to everywhere.



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