Don't Be Afraid of Who You Are: Women in Global Leadership

Posted by: Doug Bruhnke, Global Chamber on Sunday, August 6, 2017

We were pleased to hear from top global business executives who happen to be women.

This was an in-person event in our Mumbai, Phoenix, San Francisco and Salt Lake City chapters - and people attended virtually everywhere in the rest of the world from the comfort of their laptop, tablet and smart phone.

Our discussion was with successful global executives covering tips for success for other women (and men) to grow globally.

Watch the discussion HERE on youtube.

I think you'll agree that these are 5 amazing business leaders!

The title of this article is named after something that Lisa Cox said... "Don't be afraid of who you are". There are plenty of times when any of us don't 'fit' into the group as cleanly and clearly as the majority, but that doesn't mean that we need to lose our individuality. Know your circumstance and seek opportunities to embrace, celebrate and share who you are.

Pick your spots, and everyone will win.

That's part of the inspiration that keeps us going at Global Chamber®. In my own career I've been the odd man out - the only American in a group of local nationals in a country somewhere far from home, for instance. And so I can definitely at least partially understand what these leaders discussed here about bringing something different to the group that moves things forward. Sometimes though, progress seems way too sloooooow.

One story I related in the event was that of an 'Office Lady' in Osaka while I was working in Japan. The management team of my company was against setting up this talented woman as a phone sales person because 'Toyota will never work with a woman'. Sounds pretty silly today, doesn't it? It took 6 months of after-hours discussions to get that young lady into sales, and of course, she quickly became their best salesperson.

The needle moved a little bit forward!

Today we all still see obvious and more subliminal discrimination nearly every day. Where and as you can, get help from the global tribe, because we typically will understand and want to help.

And in the meantime, enjoy these women in global leadership!


  • Tina Mani - CEO, Yfret (Bangalore / Global Chamber® Mumbai)
  • Lucie Newcomb - President & CEO, NewComm Global Group (Silicon Valley / Global Chamber® San Francisco)
  • Lisa Cox - Director of Operations, Freightlink Air & Sea Int'l (Murray / Global Chamber® Salt Lake City)
  • Dr. Joel P. Martin - Owner, Triad West (Scottsdale / Global Chamber® Phoenix)
  • Susan Shultz - CEO, Board Institute & President, SSA Executive Search International (Scottsdale / Global Chamber® Phoenix)


Dr. Joel Martin - Dr. Martin is President, Triad West and is author of How To Be A Positively Powerful Person and Get Your Me Brand Awareness. She is Founder of Positively Powerful Woman Awards & Programs and is a dynamic, results-oriented international consultant, speaker, coach and trainer. Joel has 20+ years experience providing strategies to build unified teams and positive environments. She is a global master trainer in visionary leadership and team alignment. She has created aligned visionary leadership among clients across the U.S. and in China, Russia, Malaysia, South Africa, France, the United Kingdom and Norway.

Tina Mani - Tina is CEO & Cofounder of marketing technology startup YFret (Why Fret) that enables 200+ online retailers to showcase their products to the most relevant audience across digital channels. Tina has a technology-business background, with a career and education in India and the US . She is a passionate energetic entrepreneur, and is busy scaling the company to become a global brand. Tina holds an MS. in Computer Science from the University of Texas at Dallas.

Lucie Newcomb - Lucie Newcomb, M.A., is CEO/CMO of The NewComm Global Group, Inc., an international management consulting firm specializing in Global Business. She has been recognized as a pioneer in international markets for over 20 years. A former resident of the UK and South Africa, Lucie has worked with leaders at firms such as Cisco, IBM and Johnson & Johnson, as well as startups and governments. A frequent speaker and instructor worldwide, she was chosen by the U.S. State Department to train entrepreneurs overseas and has also taught college-level International Management.  In addition to advisory boards, Lucie also serves as a mentor for TechWomen, a U.S. State Department international exchange program. She holds degrees from the University of California, Berkeley and Saint Mary’s College of California. Her distinguished background includes selection as a Silicon Valley "Women of Influence Honoree" and as a speaker for the renowned SXSW conference on her favorite topic, Citizen Diplomacy.

Lisa McPhie Cox - Lisa is the Director of Operations for Air & Sea International. She has worked in the International Transportation Industry for over 38 years. While employed at Air & Sea International, Lisa has been responsible for setting up and maintaining a worldwide agent network for the Corporation. Lisa is serving on the Utah District Export Council and has been very involved with the World Trade Association for over 30 years and has including every position in that organization, serving as the President twice. She was the second woman president in 1990 and was most recently the president for the year of 2011.  Lisa was honored in 1993 when she was presented the International Person of the year by the World Trade Association. She is called upon to lecture frequently at Utah colleges; government sponsored events regarding international business, export compliance, and transportation, and she consults as well.

Susan Shultz - Susan founded The Board Institute to improve boards of directors through a suite of web-based, independent tools to help directors evaluate, educate and benchmark their boards, committees and individual directors. She founded SSA Executive Search International in 1981 and has conducted senior level searches nationally and internationally, specializing in building and structuring corporate boards. She is recognized as a leading expert in corporate governance. Before establishing SSA, Susan led a marketing firm, an import-export company, and was a consultant/media director for many U.S., state and federal political campaigns. She was a columnist and investigative reporter for Phoenix Magazine for 15 years and has written for numerous other publications. She had 4 major books published, including the #1 worldwide bestseller. Prior to that, she served as Legislative Assistant to Rep. William E. Brock, US Congress.

Moderator: Doug Bruhnke, CEO/founder of Global Chamber®

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