Succeeding through Failure September 5th

Posted by: Doug Bruhnke, Global Chamber on Tuesday, August 8, 2017

One thing companies commonly fail at – is failure.

Some of us have more experience with failure than others. And the GOOD news is that studying lessons learned can create more success in the future. Ignoring issues creates more failures.

Thunderbird School of Global Management’s “Succeeding through Failure” is a practical, one-day workshop designed to help mid-to-upper level managers understand that, while failure may be inevitable, failing to learn from it doesn’t have to be. The next scheduled workshop is September 5th.

How can your organization turn failure into a growth opportunity? How can you manage through failures to keep morale high and prevent paralysis? What’s the secret to continuing to thrive in spite of and even during periods of failure?

After finishing this case study and discussion-based program, you will:

  • Understand how to deal with ambiguity and uncertainty
  • Improve your (and your organization’s) predictive ability
  • Tighten up your decision-making process
  • Learn to think more broadly about failure and how to learn from it

Good companies don’t allow failure to derail their progress. Great companies make failure work for them.

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Join us September 5th for this one-day workshop in Tempe, Arizona USA.


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